PRII Forum: Regulating Lobbying – A Global Comparison

Wednesday 16 September

Though long a topic of conversation and debate in its own right, this Forum from the PRII looks specifically at how lobby/interest groups are formally regulated in different countries throughout the world and proposes a model for Ireland.

Presented by Gary Murphy, Raj Chari and John Hogan, the authors of Regulating Lobbying – A Global Comparison, the Forum will address the following:

– Lobbying regulatory frameworks worldwide. This will entail examining legislation which has existed in jurisdictions for some period of time including the US, Canada, and Germany. Legislation recently established in parts of Australia, Eastern and Central Europe and Taiwan will also be touched on, in addition to the EU.
– Benefits and disadvantages of high, medium and low legislative frameworks – and the criticism each has come in for.
– What would work best in Ireland and why? A firm recommendation.

Taking place on Wednesday 16 September at Buswells Hotel, admission to this Forum costs €10 for PRII members and €20 for non-members (payable in advance by credit card). It begins at 6.30pm sharp, with tea and coffee available from 6pm onwards.


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